Curtain Call

The curtains close; I rest my case I let out my final defiled face They say that the life we … More


I’m a house of cards and he’s a fierce hurricane But I’m full of wounds and he takes away the … More

An Impersonal Goodbye

  I gave you one too many apologies And a withering half-assed goodbye My sight lingered with the dust that … More


  My heart demanded drowning My mind quite something else My soul wished complexity My body chose defence   I … More


  Corners hide no deeper good I merge into walls just like I should My body a shadow in the … More

The Perfect Daughter

I am the perfect daughter Brought up in patriarchy with a touch of self- slaughter   As a toddler, I … More

In Silence 

In silence We hear the uproar of the squeals suppressed  When delight hit us at a time we couldn’t express … More