In Silence 

In silence

We hear the uproar of the squeals suppressed 

When delight hit us at a time we couldn’t express

Of a hidden devil – as society may call it

In a casual conversation by those who weren’t vouching for it – 

The only ones we wish were accepting of it 
Identities in the closet, skeletons in the closet

Are ashes that like dandelions, the winds of change have set
In an open field, no closets, no hatchets to bury 

In silence 

In almost a hurry

We scream in ecstasy 

The silence is ours, the world a little dizzy 

We hold still

Onto each other – with thrill 

Today, like the dandelion it flutters and ends

Darling, we no longer have to be best friends 

© Drishti Soni, 2017. All Rights Reserved. 


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