This poem is the third in a series of three poem. 




A mood, a form, a colour, a theme

Made from two other such –  a secondary

You look around frantically,

And it’s all an amalgamation of colours

Why do they do they bother with colours if it’s different everywhere?

Are we different everywhere-

As an enveloping whole;

You close your eyes to experience the colour you become as you hold her

The soft strokes of a brush that gently mingle

A little smooth, a little messy,

Leaving out bits and taking in pieces


Purple is regal

You wear a crown, and bask in glory

Elegant, too elegant;

As the world around you crashes and burns

Your kingdom thrives in its midst;

But you too are down on your knees

Holding on to her – to keep your crown

Royalty is quite subjective;

Everything is when you want it to be

Purple is what the world can see

But honey, colours do deceive.


© Drishti Soni, 2017. All Rights Reserved. 

Art by Saniya Kulkarni thank you so much❤


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