Heroic Transgression 

Tyrants toasting to the tribulations of the meagre

Bloodlusty entertainment; throbbing of the eager

Celebratory attire, the weight of victory

Tear-stained desire, the rest – predictory


Abrupt enchantments, docile relief

Survival of the fittest, convenient belief

A cold-blooded murder for comic device

A curtain of valour to distract and entice


Caution! Never mind, no matter how alert your senses

There’s no escaping peril, laugh at your defences

Unilateral complications of an unarduous mind

Complacent antiquities, two of a kind


In faith; there lies undeniable possibility

Perchance, one may liberate via infidelity

Reflection of opposing sides : mirror-imaged tethers

The same old season through changing weathers


A round of applause to drown the screams

It’s a huge arena, go live your dreams

Take a deep bow, follow the trail of blood home

Welcome to an existence like the Gladiators of Rome


© Drishti Soni, 2017. All Rights Reserved. 


Of monsters in men and the glorification they are subjected to, as seen by both the receiver and provider. Now, and from the beginning of society as we know it.


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