The Indifference of Rage

Darkness reeks from my eye

As I cry my last tear

Enough, enough with the pain

Invincibility is here

A clenched fist, waiting to be sore

Make sure you’re nowhere near


Oh what I feel, a metamorphosis, a growth

Character development begins;

A beautiful melody, a ballad of your doom

Heart wrenching tragedy of sins

My painted lips, unheedingly recite

Suppressing the grins


A wall? No, we’re talking demolition and a fort;

You’ve got it this far

Cold is soothing, after all

Even to the scar

And you burned too, bright too long

Now it’s my hour


Veins of vengeance, patience of pride

Distance, for better aim

Further, so I don’t even have to bother

Setting eyes on the maim

One step, away, completely gone

I get on, just the same

Mind over matter, what is the matter?

Are you up for the game?


©Drishti Soni 2017, All Rights Reserved.


Clearly, no teenage poet is complete without an angst oriented poem. I’m working on a morbid and violent story concept right now, where I might be kinda stuck. And thus an awkward midway channelizing took place. 




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