Bottled Water. 

You came sealed, with promise of pure
But I got you from the grimy hands of a nonchalant vendor.

Wrapped in stickers boasting of all your virtues 

But you seemed as transparent as the uncovered plastic, 

As grimy as the stains left from the hand that sold you (reflecting, almost transcending through the thin layer of plastic)

Plastic – what helped you hold shape

Plastic – what kept you contained

Plastic – what helped me push you to the bottom of my bag (a load) and carry you everywhere, digging you up when I needed it

Plastic is why you were with me in the first place.

And I screwed open the cap to take my first sip – hasty yet needy,

But you’d rather drip down my hands to the ground before you let me have what remains

Water – an essential, isn’t it?

But whether it comes from the Himalayas, the Appalachians or your local tap

It’s just as wildly desired by a quenched man

And maybe I was just thirsty in that moment

And maybe you are just a bottle of water

And maybe I just need you for a moment – at regular intervals

Blind to the number of times you have been replaced

Pure is what flows, you dripped from a small opening in a portable bottle

Crushed and recycled after use

After all, you are just a bottle of water, on a planet that is blue. 

©Drishti Soni 2017, All Rights Reserved.

This is honestly the most confused I have ever been writing a poem. It started out somewhat as a joke, and I left it halfway for weeks. And then out of nowhere I entered a zone, picked it up and somehow it became more than a mockery. I had trouble deciphering it myself for a while because of the pre existing expectations. It’s been pretty fun writing it, also proof to the fact that my focus is growing!!! 


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