A single star was burning bright

But million others matched its light

Every night it shined just as much

But it never really stood out as such

No one could question its sparkle

But there existed one great debacle

Tired of burning, shining and lighting with all its power

It never received love like the moon was showered

It was just a speck among million other stars

No matter how hard it shined, it’d still be sparse

The star felt dim, it was anything but

But every other star, challenged its gut

It decided to give up one day, join the stars that fell

At least it would be noticed, and wished upon well

But just a moment before it took off to shoot

Two youths pointed at it, lying on their car boot

“You see that star, it gives me hope”

He said as recounted his fall down life’s slope

“My mom, she always resides up there,

I know she’s looking, I know she’ll take care”

The girl, promised, like the star she’ll never depart

And so the star stayed put, with the promise of a heart

It gave one hope and another love eternally

What reason more did it need to shine incessantly?

©  Drishti Soni All Rights Reserved


The purpose of this poem was, essentially to let people know their worth, in a time where I was seeing widespread self-esteem issues. It is a lot simpler than some of my poems, written when I was around 15-16. Shine bright. ♥ Amazingly enough, this poem talks about meaning and purpose, making a difference to ONE person is all it takes. And what is making me post this poem – the very reason I write – is that it seemed to have made a difference to someone. So spread the light, spread the love, and know that someone needs you. 

(Image via tumblr)





  1. Drishti…this may be a simpler poem according to you but this one is truly special. The depth and meaning is profound. This is going to be my favourite poem of yours. God bless you, darling. To give hope and to spread love to even a single person is pretty commendable and every individual is worthy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Drishti….lovely and meaningful words…Your words would give hope to inviduals who have lost all hope…its a very inspirational poem…at times we humans somehow don’t realise our worth but when somebody appreciates us…We get so overwhelmed by their words….your words have drawn me their…keep up the good work of writing..All the best to you always…May the Good God always shower his blessings on you!


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