Misguided Perceptions

Haunting we perceive the echoes to be

That nibble off crumbs of our memory

With no subtlety, but absolutely delirious

They hope we act submissively


They come a million ways, with substantial hope

In sharded fragments, hoping we’ll cope

But we call them crazy and throw them away

Oh well, ego is a downward slope


We clutch our heads and scream at the sky

We let their wisdom pass, as they try and try

Disguised as they are, we get deceived

And they hold on to loose strings, tighter with every cry


How we get drawn by what may appeal

And how we repel from what may heal

And the blatant contrast, we recklessly ignore

For we can barely perceive, what we ever feel

© 2016 Drishti Soni All Rights Reserved

Written along the shores of the Arabian Sea, in a light drizzle where I was temporarily escaping from generic bullshit. When I wrote this, I was referring to gut feelings and how we often let our overthinking and/or impulsive mind override them. But as always, it is yours to comprehend 🙂


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