He inhales fire and exhales frost

He’ll map your veins until you’re lost

He oozes desire and absorbs repulsion

He’ll nudge your inhibitions into compulsion

He escapes freedom and imprisons defenses

He’ll smudge the world as you clear your lenses

He observes the intricate and overlooks the abundant

He’ll linger too long –alight- explosives redundant

He delays greetings and rushes proficiency

He’ll snatch away your baggage till it feels like deficiency

He harmonizes follies and stutters brags

He’ll chastise your lungs with a few lousy drags

He fuses contradictions and dissects existential

He’ll clasp on wasted figments, creating potential

He rejuvenates soul and buries scarred skin

He’ll stagger to extremes to make it akin


Pay attention, held tight on a string so loose

A plethora of options, none yours to choose

His demeanor whatsoever is no giveaway –

Not even the pleasure of a complicated shade of gray

A conspicuous turnover is never incidental

I guess you can call him – temperamental

© 2016 Drishti Soni All Rights Reserved




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